You are TERIOSO RETGES, a 6 sweep OLIVE BLOOD that lives under the forest. Your interests include exploring, reading, and some engineering. It's a little boring due to the fact that you don't have that much access You can admit to have THIEF LIKE TENDENCIES. In your MIND it's never been a big deal, but never mind that, what will you do now?

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"Do we have an appointment? If not, please leave I’m busy right now." As an informant you’re also a business women so yes you do work on an appointment basis. Of course they have to know how to make one because just calling is not an option. Even if they don’t have an appointment, you might be bale to drag something out of them.    



That’s fine I should be able to handle it. Never really been known to be quiet about my own opinions. I really must thank you again for letting me jump into this band wagon.  

Mhmm[. It[isn’t[a[problem[but[as[i’ve[said[,[i’ll[check[if[my[mate[is[okay[with[it[.


You were kidding…but maybe not.

Yeah, I’ve haven’t really been able to face my friends hence joining you so I get it. 

You smile, laughing a little. 



"that’S fine." Her face didn’t change but she nodded her head in the direction she was going. 

Amarue smiled widely. “awesOme! Thanks.” She began to walk toward the store. “sO when did YOu cOme here?”

"thiS evening." It wasn’t that she didn’t like the other she’s just bitter and generally distrustful of people she just met. 



"juSt to the Store." She tried to keep her answers short and to the point. 

"weLL mind if i cOme wiTh? i need TO geT sOme Tea," Amarue tilted her head and smiled.

"that’S fine." Her face didn’t change but she nodded her head in the direction she was going. 





I could see that, I’d say I am too but I’m desperate. And I quite like exploring since I really didn’t want to wader out of the know parts of this dream bubble.  

Hmmm[. I’ll[try[asking[her[sometime[.

You brush off your skirt from any dust that may gather.



Oh this was good interaction with others and something to do. 

I guess that goes for the both of it.

Mhmm[! Then[i’ll[put[in[a[word[for[you[.

Ahh[,[though[she[can[be[a[bit[frisky[. If[either[of[us[do[something[you[don’t[like[,[please[tell[us[.

That’s fine I should be able to handle it. Never really been known to be quiet about my own opinions. I really must thank you again for letting me jump into this band wagon.  



Royalty!AU (cinderella)

         Rather self explanatory. One of my muses or one of yours is the prince/princess, and the other a simple commoner with a rather helpful Fairy Godmother.


         My muse is locked in one of the lower levels of an Insane asylum under false charge while yours in the recently hired security guard. Perhaps this asylum isn’t as straight forward as it seems, a plot hidden behind the steel door and padded walls encaging my muse.


         One of our muses is a thief or a bandit of some kind while the other is head of the local police force. There’s a thick rivalry between the two, a kinda love/hate relationship that may lead them towards a more romantic approach later on.      


         One of our muses is a high flying acrobat for one of the more famous traveling circuses. The other can either be another member of the circus or a member of the audience who falls in love on first sight.         


         Honestly, if I need to explain this one then you and I are going to have to have a rather lengthy talk on the proper education of children…

Hunger Games!AU

         Muses can be from the same district or different districts. Either way there will be a shit ton of angst and strife.

Piratess and Mermaids!AU

         Muse is a pirate searching the seas and islands in between for gold and treasure. Muse stumbles upon other Muse (mermaid) at an island the ship stops at and they fall in love. 


         My muse is a slave in an Ancient Era who has been sold to your muse as a coming of age present by your muse’s Guardian. 


         One of our muses is a dragon hunter who falls in love with the other, not knowing that they turn into a dragon during the night.


         One of our muses is a superhero fighting crime. The other eventually finds out the hero’s identity and ends up being dragged into their world whether they want to or not, becoming the target of the hero’s enemies. 


         One of our characters is a criminal, that takes refuge in the other characters house, essentially keeping them hostage. The hostage begins to develop feelings for their capture and helps them evade the police.


         One of our characters is a long time resident in a sanatorium and the other is the new staff member assigned to care for them.


 Muses will be on the same or opposite sides of a war (i.e. Revolutionary -French or American-, Civil, or the World Wars). If the same, they must rely on each other during a situation where they are pinned down. If opposite, P.O.W. situation or spying.


Muse A is an escaped experiment from a facility (feel free to conjure up possible ‘mutations’, it doesn’t have to be visible like animal fur, it could be telekinesis or other stuff), and happens to wander around his/her surroundings until they bump into Muse B. It can either go two ways: Muse B can be protective and take Muse A in, or Muse B can be extremely cold and ignore Muse A, but Muse A becomes attached and follows him/her home.


         In a world where mermaids exist, Muse A realizes that every full moon allows him/her to grow legs. And on the very night that they try exploring the human world, they encounter Muse B, who is enchanted by Muse A. And love ensues, until Muse A realizes the effects aren’t permanent.


         When Muse A, an infamous criminal manages to get himself/herself caught, they end up serving a sentence in jail. Muse B is the guard of his/her cell, and tension filled conversations behind bars begin, eventually resulting in the two falling in love/forming an unlikely friendship. But is Muse B willing to pay the price to free Muse A? 


         A hated arranged marriage between royal children which after time becomes desired. One of our muses is placed under a spell, transformed into a beautiful creature (doesn’t have to be a swan). The other, thinking his “love” to be the beast responsible, goes off to hunt it. Only in a certain pool under the light of the moon is the cursed muse able to regain their true form.

And then of course, the ever popular:


         Muse A and Muse B are arranged to be married. They never meet until the day of the wedding at the alter. They could either fall in love as soon as they lay eyes on each other or they could hate each other. Either works. They could be awkward around each other but slowly fall in love, etc. etc. It can go any way you want.

Send me an ask if you’d like to request one as well as which muse you’re interested in~ I can get started on some of these today. Warning, at least most of these could end up being LONG

IDK I’m sure there are more that I’ll add eventually but my brain is totally fried right now…









Who else can’t seem to stop shaking their leg?

That is called ‘Restless-Leg-Syndrome’. People who have it tend to sleep worse and suffer from depression.


What really?

I didn’t know that.






"i’m fine, thankS" She shook the other’s hand remembering to use the very little amount of manners she had. "call me teri."

"OkaY Then, Teri. sO where are YOu Off TO?" Amarue grinned, curious. 

"juSt to the Store." She tried to keep her answers short and to the point.